Colin Watts

Colin Watts

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"Warm, natural and engaging"

I am a native British / English, mid-age male neutral accent, classically trained in RP (or classic English) via the BBC and other companies.

My voice is described as natural, clear and precise, with a warm, friendly and engaging tone.

I am suited to narration, presentation and explainer-type scripts, but I can also characterise and take on many UK regional and international accents!


I was classically trained at the BBC as a school-leaver, in both broadcasting for radio presenter and newsreading.
I also took acting and drama lessons.

Latterly, in taking on a voice over career, I am continuing ongoing training at the UK's two premier training sites; VO Masterclass (Gary Terzza) and Gravy For The Brain (Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson)


I am an experienced audiobook reader, registered at, the Amazon audible audiobook site.

I have many ongoing contracts for international companies, including Skyeng, Gyst Audio, and I have completed projects for many international clients including BBC, CNN, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Disney, Sky, Jaguar Land Rover and Coca-Cola. I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of voice work, from narration and audiobooks to short explainers, IVR telephony and adverts.


I specialise in narration, audiobooks and presentation type scripts, but of course can adapt to most styles of delivery!