Christian Starr-Lassen

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"I'm a storyteller. Easy to relate to. Quick turnaround."

My voice is deep and resonant but above all, authentic and believable.
Here are some ways my voice has been described:
Professional, engaging, authoritative, genuine, trustworthy, sincere, warm, natural, conversational, friendly, and like the guy next door.


Keys Acting Studio Paris with Sei Shiomi
Private coaching with David Coburn (voice of Captain Planet)
Gravy for the Brain Courses:
How to Voice Commercials
Home Recording Studio
How to Voice Audiobooks
Voiceover for Gaming
Advanced Voiceover to Pro Standard
Character acting for Voice Artists


Voice of Taeppë rugs 2021
Nexon Group France PR Video
Voice of Air France safety announcements on flights to and from Norway.
Multiple tutorials for Parrot Drones.
Voice of Spicebox's Professor Maxwell 4D Chef
ERN Explainer video for the European Commission
Internal audio recordings for Dauphine University, Paris
Deeper fishing products


I can sing, and play the violin well.