Christian Neale

Member for 3 years
"A British voice talent passionately bringing scripts to life!"

A British voice over professional who is devoted to bringing stories to life or authentically conveying the message of your scripts.

I have worked with start-up and small enterprises to boost the effectiveness of their sales and advertising media, new and established authors to animate and fully realise their concept, animators to add another dynamic to their tutorial and explainer videos and business professionals and consultants to make sure their training and e-learning material is engaging, clear and interesting.

Whatever your product or script; whether you need compelling and energetic, sombre and solemn or genuine, deliberate and thought provoking -
I can create the voice over you desire.

Also, with a full-fit home studio, I can provide a quick turnaround.

I look forward to working on your script and forming a long-lasting business relationship.


Trained as an actor I appeared in a few amateur productions before finding my niche as a voice over talent. I found this to be my path as I enjoy the flexibility that comes from being a voice over artist - due to the fact, the majority of the time, the audience do not see you.

Since then I have completed several private courses that worked on my skill-set, particularly focusing on delivery. However, I was also able to hone my editing and more in-depth post-production skills.


Whilst working with mainly smaller companies and relatively new and aspiring authors, I have have completed a diverse range of major projects.

Some of my main ones have been; an erotic novel series for radio, written by a well known author of the niche as well as a 19 book children's series which has plans to be released on a streaming service.

I have worked on a number of e-learning courses, my best of which was a CV writing and creation course based in the US.

Finally I have worked with lots of businesses and animators, lending my voice to corporate videos, intended for a variety of media types. I have, therefore, a lot of experience with syncing.


I have a good set of post-production skills, gained from the completion of several intense courses.

My acting training allows we to create a variety of different characters and accents, when required, which favours me for working on audio-books and video games.