Chris Woodworth

Chris Woodworth

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"British, home studio, captivating reads, vast array of voices."

British Voice Actor based in Wigan, UK with a professional Home Studio. With my home studio, I can deliver high quality, industry standard audio files in a timely manner.

Warm, cheerful and reassuring, my natural accent has been described as a blend of northern, southern, and a sleight American twang. My ability to emote and really focus on one person while I'm recording, enables me to deliver very sincere, genuine reads.

Accents: Standard British, London Cockney, Midwestern American.

Animation: I can be the young hero, the best friend, the crazy sidekick, the noble warrior, the wise elder or the sinister villain. Ready to partake in different genres. My vocal dexterity enables me to go as high as Elmo to as low as Groot, and my age range goes from 10 - 70 yrs.

Dubbing & Voice Matching: I'm able to impersonate many animated characters and celebrities.

Narration, Promos & Commercials: Informative, thought provoking, soothing, or very upbeat.


VOICE MASTERS - 2021-2022
Level 2 Animation & Video Games: Advanced - 6 weeks (Taught by Paulette Victor Lifton, Mimi Maynard, and Ashley Bornancin)
Masterclass: Ashley Bornancin - 4 weeks

4 week VO training course with Marcellus Shepard.

CITY ACADEMY (London) - 2020-2021
Acting Beginners - 5 weeks
Acting Improvers - 5 weeks


"Freefall" - Short student animated film (Escape Studios)
Voice credit - Colin (Californian, adrenalin junkie)

"Musnad" - Short student animated film (Ben Moqbel, Malaysia)
Voice credits - Yousef (strict alpha male parent) and Stoneman (a wise, gentle giant)

"The Wytch's Tomb" - Live audio drama/thriller on Clubhouse
Voice Credit - Scott (young teenager)

Finalist of the Voice Acting Contest (the first ever international contest) on Clubhouse, hosted by the 529 Club Creatives and Mark Summers Presents. Out of over a thousand contestants, I was in the final 6.

I have also taught a social media marketing course under Emmy Award winning production company Voice Masters, who I've also trained under.


Dubbing & Voice Matching: I'm able to impersonate many animated characters and celebrities.

Accents: General British, London Cockney, Midwestern American, New York.

Audio & Video editing.