Chris Janney

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"Versatile Actor for Commercials, Narrations, & Accents"

My greatest talent is my vocal versatility. I have specialized training in the fields of Commercials and Narration, and can do voice over work for a number of industries including history, sales, science, medicine, comedy, finance, and many more. One of my natural talents is for accents, impressions, and other performances. This includes specific character impressions, as well as a variety of different national accents, which may be performed entirely straight, not just for comedy. While this skill set does not appear quite as much on my demos, I am hoping to pursue more work in this field along with Commercials and Narration.


I have taken private coaching sessions at Edge Studio throughout 2017. For Commercials, I studied with Johnny Heller, and for Narration I studied with John Foran.


I am new to the world of voice acting.


I can sing and have some editing ability with Final Cut Pro.