Chip Sebastian

Chip Sebastian

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"Rich, Deep and Versatile"

My voice has gotten richer and better with age, as the timbre and character have shifted. Ongoing training has helped. Having a literary and theatrical background has helped my voice work immensely. I really just have a lot of fun being on jobs, meeting new people, and working hard to get a voice right, whether it's a commercial, e-learning, medical narration, imaging, or audiobook narration. I always look forward to the work and new experiences.
Hopefully, when you hear them, my clips will speak for themselves.


Bachelors in English and Film (University of Kentucky, 1995)
Masters of Fine Arts Program in Film and Television (1-year)(Florida State University, 1999)
Masters in Natural Healing (St. John's University, 2001)
Masters in Theatre (University of Kentucky, 2005)
Masters in Business Administration (Sullivan University, 2010)
Gravy for the Brain
Studied Voice with various voice teachers over 30+ years.


Everything, including my Imdb, can be found here:


I have studied and taught martial arts since 1984
Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Instructor (2001-present)
Eagle Scout