Cat Lookabaugh

Cat Lookabaugh

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"Expression communicates the meaning beyond the words!"

I record audio for web videos, broadcast commercials, online classes, phone systems, video games, and audio books. My studio has state-of-the-art equipment, and I do all my own quality assurance, editing, post-production and mastering so that I can guarantee the finished product. With a warm, friendly, clear delivery style, I can glide from very formal to super-relaxed, depending on your audience and requirements. Every time I get in front of the mic, I look for the best way to get the whole message (words and intent) across to my listener. Working quickly and effectively, I’m easy to collaborate with and eager to craft my recording until it matches your vision!


I've learned from some of the best in the business, including Sean Pratt, Marc Graue, J. Michael Collins, Tim Tippets, Dave Walsh, and Pat Fraley. I'm always looking for new articles, conversations, webinars, and classes because there is *always* something new to learn. The coach may provide a tiny tip that makes a huge difference, a completely new way to approach material, or simply a better way to do something I'm already good at. Never stop learning!


I enjoy working with my clients, delivering a variety of reads to meet their goals. For example, I've done several internal training courses for a Canadian power company, and I worked with Rackspace on several of their internal courses and their public Cloud MOOCs (massive open online courses). My web commercials, product videos, and software tutorials thrill my clients, and I've done phone IVR systems for both British and American companies and contributed to Kickstarter video games and sound systems like Battlebards for board gamers! Those are just a few of my many clients and experiences. Just reach out to me, and I'll be glad to share more references and provide custom auditions!


I offer full-service voiceovers, including mastering my audio to your specifications, mixing in royalty-free music (yours, if you have some, or other composers for a one-time, sans-attribution fee), and syncing my audio to your video. I'll even return to the finished video with the audio mixed in if you like. As a technical editor, I can help you fine-tune your script for American audiences.

Additionally, I have a variety of UK and US accents in my tool belt. As an American raised in England, I developed quite an ear for accents, and I’m still very facile with the sounds and rhythms of my youth!