Carol Meier

Carol Meier

Member for 1 decade •
"Documentary, Film, Television, Narration, Audio books"

American female voice mature, strong, narrator, neutral, deep, sophisticated, classy.
Specialize in Documentary and Narration, business imaging, whiteboard
E-learning, corporate, business, film, television narration.
I can bring authority, executive quality to your voice project.

Please also visit my website for more AUDIO and VIDEO samples


Voice Over Master training Los Angeles

University of Texas degree in Speech and Speech Communication

SaVoa accredited voice over artist #10026

Dan Lenard and George Whitman audio training


Fuentes LLC
Leonardo Films, Germany
Multivozes, Brazil
Klabin International
Ministry Health
CSA Ltd, Canada
ExpectTranslations, Germany
JDS Productions
NewClear Productions
Staples Office Supplies
Arizona Brazilian Society
Alliance Francaise
Arizona Charitable Community
Splice Software
WC Wiley
Art Van Furniture
Florida political campaigns
Colorado political campaigns
California political campaigns
Canadian Jewish Federation
Merrill Lynch


My sound proof booth is equipped video for syncing voice to video..

Special programming for multiple file projects ensuring accuracy in file labeling.

Video editing programming to provide project package.

I can read and speak French with an American accent.

I can add music and/or sfx.