Bryan Huey

Bryan Huey

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"Youthful, natural, edgy, dynamic, conversational guy next door"


Going above and beyond to provide my clients with the highest quality possible is what I'm here for! As a service provider, it's my business to use my voice to tell your story exactly the way you've envisioned or perhaps give you something that you didn't even know you wanted! Being a consumer as well, I understand the impact of a high quality product backed by reliable customer service that's here for you whenever you need it. I'm here to work with you to give you exactly what you ask for and more.

With all the clients that I've worked with and continue to work with, I put everything I have into every single project that comes my way be it either for a large national corporation or a small mom and pop establishment on the corner. Every opportunity is a gift and with all the choices you have out there, its a privilege to be chosen to be your voice. I will make sure your experience working with me is fun, simple, quick, professional, and hopefully worth much more than what you're paying for!


From National commercials for and Wix, to corporate industrials for eBay, to numerous e-learning projects for Pearson Publishing, I've had the privilege of lending my voice to a wide array of spectrums to bring each story and project to life!


My voice lends itself into being powerful, smart, gentle, gutsy, and chill friend with a hint of coziness and gravitas. I have a youthful sound with a deep resonance for more bass for the more authoritative reads for commercials, narrations, e-learning, corporate industrials, trainer explainer animation videos or can adjust it to being lighter and brighter in the higher register for more versatility from fun and energetic to conversational/guy next door.

For commercials, smooth and professional for presentations, charactery and theatrical for animation. I can also range from dignified to edgy whenever the read calls for it. I am also a chameleon in emulating personalities, creating characters, and encapsulating the feel and culture of a voice.

My voice is strong but versatile, allowing me to bellow strong announcements, or softly narrate, but still maintaining a strong presence of authority and command of the dialogue, which keeps listeners feeling comfortable and engaged. Whether you are producing a commercial, a documentary, a movie trailer, a cartoon pilot, an internet release, a product demo, a corporate piece for use internally or with clients, or even your company's automated telephone attendant, I have the experience and versatility to bring your script to life.

Voiceover is my life and make sure every project I have is treated with the utmost value. I love what I do and consider any project that wants my voice to tell their story as a gift. Let me help share your story!


Voiceover is what I live and breathe everyday, and my education and learning never stops to make sure I'm always at my best.

Commercial - Nancy Wolfson
Promo - Jodi Gottlieb & David Lyerly
Narration - Thom Pinto
Animation - Richard Horvitz


Voiced national commercials for, eBay, Wix, medical industrials and numerous e-learning books for Pearson Publishing. I currently do freelance voiceover work for various production companies and agencies from around the country.


I am able to do mimicry or impersonations for whatever the story calls for:

Friendly, Funny, Humorous, Comical, Upbeat, Confident, Relaxed, Friendly, Happy, Bright, Cheerful, Knowledgeable, Smart, Intelligent, Product Intro, Natural, Baritone, Smooth, Raspy, Deep, Whisper, Speak, Corporate, Tough, In Your Face, Mature, Authoritative, Confidence, Urgency, Current, Fresh, Relaxing, Sincere, Comforting, Call to Action, Millennial, Athletic, Guy Next Door, Commercial, Accent, Business, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Online Narrator, Audiobook, Cartoon, Authoritative, Natural, Confident.