Breanna MacDowall

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"Genuine, Millennial, Girl-Next Door, Raspy, Dynamic, Youthful"
Breanna MacDowall

Breanna MacDowall is a voice over talent based in Los Angeles, California.
Her signature millennial sound and girl next door attitude delivers fresh, relevant, and compelling voice over to any project! Specializing in video games, commercial, animation, internet ads, educational videos, IVR & more!
Her ability to break down a script and deliver a truly dynamic performance in any genre is illustrated throughout her work. With over 5 years of study under some of the industries top professionals, you can trust the creative process to be a collaborative and transformational experience.
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Voice Over Study (2017 - Present)
2+ years at Global Voice Acting Academy
Personal Coaching: David Rosenthal & Brian Sommer
Advanced Commercial with Marc Cashman
ADR Study with Tony Oliver
Advanced Animation with Charlie Adler
ADR Study with Jason Lord
Steve Blum's Voice Over Webinar Training Series
Animmersion with Catherine Cavadini
Character Archetypes & Scene Study with Crispin Freeman
Character Creation with Neil Kaplan
2+ years at L.A. Voice Over Productions with Lauren Adams
Previous Acting Study (2011 - 2015)
1 yr - Playhouse West with Holly Gagnier & Wolfgang Bodison
1.5 years - L.A. Valley College with Chris Coddington & Cathy Pyles
2 years - Bakersfield College with Randall Messick
2 years - North High School with Larry Orr


Client List (2018 - Present):
Formosa Group | Elias Toufexis | (Video Game)
Beech Studios | Puria Rahavi | (Commercial)
Rhode Island Department of Transportation | (Radio)
Isolated Games | Iago Silva (Video Game)
Foreteller Games | Adam Lehenbauer (Video Game)
Libii Tech | (Video Game)
Dollar Bank | (Radio)
NeoBricks | Hyejung Song (Video Game)
Rubber Duck Games | Gonzalo Martinez Ribot (Video Game)
The Game Agency | (E-Learning Video Game)
Arbor Interactive | Austin Yarger (Video Game)
Currency Marketing | Earthstar Smith (Animation)
Lilith Games | Peter Elliott (Mobile Game)
Five-BN Games | Alexander Gorshkov (Video Game)
DominiGames | Oleg Smolyanskiy (Video Game)
Nexus Media | Allan Lau (Mobile Game)
Frostburn Studios | Glenn Goa (Video Game)
Waddling Technology, LLC | John Madrak (Video Game)
SlimTeaClub | Wolfgang Schlosser (Internet Ad)
Manning Media | Dexter Manning (Video Game)
Cosmic Control Productions | Brandon Kane (Podcast)


4 Years Classically Trained Singer (Alto/Mezzo Soprano)