Brady Hales

Brady Hales

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"Hip Guy Next Door, Conversational, Real, Warm, Friendly"

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★Exceptional Customer Service★
- Fast Turnaround
- Top Quality Reads and Audio
- On Call and Always Available
- Versatility - an array of sound and tonal options
- Top industry tools and studio gear
- Source Connect/ISDN/Phone Patch/Skype/Zoom
- Enthusiastic Attitude!
- Professional, client-focused work ethic
- Music bed sourcing available

Brady has voiced hundreds of commercials for top brands like Sonic Drive-In- Expedia- AT&T- and UBER. As a fresh voice actor on the rise in Hollywood for top video games like Final Fantasy. As a trustworthy and relatable guy-next-door voice for dozens of websites- training videos- apps- and interactive voice recordings for phone systems all over the world.

Many small start-up businesses have hired Brady for their first campaigns to help grow their business. With consumer demand shifting- many in advertising are focusing on new messaging to address this shift while supporting businesses and relief efforts. Messaging of hope and encouragement. Entertainment is also shifting a new way that brings a smile and relief. Having a trusting voice with a relatable- down to earth sound has been a key reason people continue to call on Brady.

Brady is very easy to work with and easy to direct! He is more than willing to take constructive criticism. And it’s why clients keep coming back!

Much of his VO work includes, but is not limited to: TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Animation and Video Games, Medical Narrations, Corporate Narrations, IVR, Character Work, Internet Commercials and Explainer Videos, even B2B, eLearning, or In-Show Narration.

During our quarantine- Brady’s world-class home recording studio has been providing the same level of excellence in service- quality- and with a full array of recording options for connectivity.
With SourceConnect and ISDN compatibility- you can rest assured that every session with him will run as smoothly as the countless others before it.

With custom-built soundproof acoustics- and triple wall insulation- meticulously tuned and outfitted with industry-leading recording gear- working with Brady out of his home studio provides you the same broadcast-quality audio that you'll find at any major studio in the world.

Exceptionally fast 1.5 Gbps Fiber internet means you can count on rock-solid SourceConnect session reliability for effortless productivity. Whether it’s in-show narration- commercials- promo/trailer campaigns- or even Zoom video sessions for animation and video game projects- Brady has the industry experience and studio technology to provide exactly what you need.

Brady brings a wide range of vocal skills, from his unpolished, regular voice to a friendly guy-next-door to a powerful, serious announcer with gravitas. Maybe you need a serious actor who can bring memorable characters to your project, even if it’s just an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances. Or maybe your project needs something with more character in it. Brady brings a variety of accents, such as Russian, British, American Southern, Hick, redneck, Nerd, Surfer Dude, a New Yorker, or a devious criminal mastermind.

Brady’s voice has been described as:
Conversational - relatable - genuine - trustworthy - regular guy - professional - amiable - approachable - athletic - attitude - attractive - announcer - authoritative - bank - baritone - believable - bright - broadcast - business - Call to Action - Calming - Caring - Casual - Cartoon - Cheerful - Clean - Comforting - Commercial - Confident - Contemporary - Corporate - Current - Dude - Dude Next Door - Engaging - Excited - Earnest - Easy - Education - Educational - eLearning - e-learning - Emotion - Earnest - Energy - Fresh - Friendly - Fun - Generation X - Generation Y - Guy Next Door - Regular Guy - Regular Joe - Real Person - Best Friend - Beau - Bae - Regular Joe - Straight Guy - Handy - Happy - instructor - Informative - Internet - Gravitas - Joy - Kind - Love - Mellow - Millennial - Movie Trailer - Narrator- Natural- New- Play- Playful - Hip - Sound - Positive - Power - Product Intro - Professional - Promo - Trailer - Quality - Radio - TV - Television - Relaxing - Simple - Sincere - Smart - Smooth - Soothing - Speak - Sweet - Talent - Star - Teenager - Thoughtful - Tough - Upbeat - Urgency - Warm - Whisper - Young Adult - Young - Youthful - Colorful - Bright - Cool - Funny - Youth - Family Man - Executive - Mysterious - Dynamic - Excitable - Excited - Exciting - Engaging - Conversational Storyteller - Dad - Young Dad - Charismatic - Wry - Energy - Classy - Hip - easy - easygoing - real person - not polished - dry - straight - from the hip - character - characters - animation - cartoon - funny - whimsical - persuasive - laid back - edgy - sarcastic - casual - easygoing - hip - millennial - technical - knowledgeable - technology - hipster - young - youthful - friendly - persuasive - laid back - edgy - sarcastic - humorous - professional - reassuring - abrupt - straightforward - easygoing - blue collar - manly - soothing - tough - playful - uplifting - attitude - classy - high energy - intellectual - sophisticated - dynamic - comforting - narrator - strong - sincere - trustworthy - amusing - caring - attractive - animated - corporate - educational - energetic - articulate - upbeat - engaging - friendly - announcer - character - characters - teacher - everyman - professor - spokesperson - father - dad - executive - alpha male - wry - internet video - young dad - real narrator - Real Person - Man on the Street - Real Guy - Real Man - Real



Continual work in scene study and coaching with the best Hollywood instructors, directors, and coaches in the business.


ADR for Netflix's new show MONEY HEIST,
Sonic Drive-In Radio Campaign (Current) 2020,
Expedia National TV Commercial Campaign (pending) 2020,
Walt Disney World National TV Commercial Campaign,
Dollar Bank TV Commercial Campaign (Current) 2020,
Papa John's National Radio Campaign - Canada (Current),
Radio Imaging for KWPZ Praise 106.5 FM (Current),
Voice of Nintendo's Interactive Customer Support Line (Current)
Voice of Gold Power Ranger for Bandai Toys
Google National Web Commercial Hey Google! Voice

Subway Radio spots, UBER TV ads, Citi Bank, AT&T, Product Videos for iHome, Sony, Clorox, Honeywell, GE, Siemens, Cisco, AutoDesk, and hundreds more covering video games, and animation.

With a growing list of satisfied clients, you have already heard me on television and radio throughout North America, on web ads while you're trying to watch YouTube, training videos for your company, voicemail or IVR systems of many corporations, iOS Apps, and many medical training narrations!

If you want your project done quickly, with no headaches and minimal overhead, I'm the guy you want on your shortlist! I'll put your complete satisfaction as my #1 priority! I want you to be completely satisfied with the final product and work tirelessly to make you happy!

In addition to my roster of extremely satisfied clients with their solid 5-star feedback, I have a growing portfolio of work and references available online.

With a killer home recording studio with the best industry tools and connectivity options, I hope you and I can form an on-going relationship that leads to many successful projects and positive growth!


Licensed Pilot, Motion Capture, Improv, Stand-up, Character Voices, Sketch Comedy

Singer (Musical Theater, Classical), Piano

Moves Well - basic modern, ballet, ballroom, and tap

British Standard, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, American Southern

Advanced Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding, Road and Mountain Biking, Distance Running (10K), Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Yoga, SCUBA Certified