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"This guy is a natural."

Quite simply, I am able to play the part requested of me. As a former TV sportscaster and still a play-by-play voice, I can provide the strong announcer-type voiceover when needed. But even more importantly I can deliver a smooth, natural midwestern sound at whatever pace and tempo the script requires, and often times nail it in a single take. I excel in "explainer" programs used in corporate marketing and training, taking the listener step-by-step and point-by-point through product features and benefits or safety protocol, etc. Where I live here in the upper midwest, agriculture is a huge part of our economy and our daily lives. Naturally lots of manufacturing revolves around the ag industry, and I've done voiceover work (and script writing) for a variety of farm implements. I've also provided the voice for many information on-hold clients, having worked extensively with World Wide Audio Media and Creative Radio, a leading provider of on-hold messaging services across the United States. Finally, I've been fortunate over the past year to grow my commercial work on a more local and regional basis, whether it has been more straightforward reads, character voices, even adding a little comedic flair when needed. All of these opportunities make me want more.


This came to me naturally. I was "that kid" mimicking the news anchors and broadcasters on television. I paid attention to how they read, their tones and inflections. By the time I got to college I had a fairly good grasp of how I needed to sound on the campus radio and television stations. My grand plan was to eventually be "the voice" of Monday Night Football. Well, life happens and I found myself working outside of broadcasting for many years. However the bug never left me. I always found myself looking for ways to get back in the business. Fortunately, having worked in corporate media for a number of years, I've stayed connected with many people within the industry. That's led to me doing the occasional voiceover job when called upon. And do you know what I discovered? That I'm pretty good at this. And I'm getting paid. Better yet, voiceover work allows me to do this on my own schedule, probably until I die. Voiceover, I hope, is my retirement plan. Now I am getting more involved. I've taken some coaching from Cliff Zellman with ACM Talent and plan to do more. I am networking with other World Voice Over organization members, constantly absorbing their tips and tricks to improve my performance, marketing techniques, improve my studio as the money allows, to turn this into a successful full time gig!


I've had the opportunity to work with a number of fine companies and organizations through the years. I helped produce a couple of award-winning videos for the State of Minnesota Department of
Children, Families and Learning and the Department of Human Services. I was involved in training programs and commercials produced for McKesson (HealthMart and Rite-Aid pharmacies) and the Schwan Food Company, both on camera and doing voiceover. Most recently I've done safety training programs for American Crystal Sugar, automotive ads for Bob Smith Motors (Lincoln, Mazda, Ford) out of Billing, Montana, and I am currently the "voice" for the Real Presence Radio, a Catholic faith-based network of 22 stations covering Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Wisconsin and Wyoming.


Aside from my voice over skills, I do enjoy script writing and have been asked to provide those services over the years. I can knock out a 30-second ad or PSA in no time. I've also done my share of marketing and training videos, working very closely with my clients to deliver programs that are both informative and entertaining.