Becky Broderick Boyd

Becky Broderick Boyd

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"Go-to for friendly, approachable, warm and professional"

I really bring something that stands out to commercials that have a little twist. Whether they need some humor, a genuine warmth, a "yeah, I totally hear you" tone or a little irony or snark, I love to bring them to life. This vocal quality allows me to keep longer, possibly dry scripts interesting and makes even technical jargon remain relatable. I am frequently cast in projects that want to sound more conversational and casual while remaining professional, on brand and pleasant to listen to.


After graduating with an English major and a theater minor, I worked on air at a station group for five years, as a production director for two of those years. I continue writing, voicing and producing great audio for a wide variety of clients and projects. I combine compelling voiceover with a sense of how it will fit into an overall spot, and I have an eye for small tweaks that can make a spot stand out, from broadcast media to video voiceover.


I feel fortunate to have worked with a long list of local, regional and national clients on a wide variety of projects. Here are some highlights from the last couple of years:

Safeco Insurance
Stockholm, Sweden
Stanford Children's Health
Berkshire Hathaway
Oregon State University


I use an extremely skilled producer at a professional studio for all of my voiceover spots, which guarantees high quality results, clear timelines and expert handling of the entire recording and audio file delivery process. This also means I can offer a nearly endless variety of editing services, as well as ISDN and Source Connect capabilities. I am in the studio at least twice a week so I'm able to turn projects around quickly and dependably.