Artie Widgery

Artie Widgery

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"The Vocal Kaleidoscope"

I have 34 years worth of experienced as a voice actor specializing in character voices for multi-platform Videogames, Animation and Narration. I am Distinct and articulate and take very well to direction and assistance. I can work independently if it is necessary. I possess a seasoned, experienced and professional voice that can sell the character, the concept and the message. Whether the project calls for humor or reverent professionalism I can speak to the audience with empathy and clarity. If accents are needed, I am best at British (3 dialects), Irish, German and Russian.


I started as a stand up comedian in 1984. I traveled the United States performing in comedy clubs and college campuses for over 30 years. In 2004 I headlined the Las Vegas Comedy Festival followed by a two year stint as the afternoon drive personality for Smooth Jazz 100.9 WYJZ in Indianapolis, Indiana. These career posts opened many different paths in voice acting and I never looked back.


Narration, commercials and documentaries have nuances that are always fun to perform, but when the videogame market was just coming out of its infancy, I was able to work on the ground floor performing many character voices for Cabela Hunting games. As the market grew, so did I, performing a wider range of characters and even multi-character performances for new concept videogame projects year after year. Here is a list of clients over the last few years: Frostburn Studios, (Heroes of Newerth), High Voltage (Dragon Front), Torn Banner Studios (Chivalry, Arcane Warfare), Ratloop ASIA (Rocketbirds 2: Hardboiled Chicken, Rocketbirds: EVOLUTION),Frima Studio (Chariot), InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2), 11 Bit Studios (Tower 57), Bit Planet Games (Battle of SOL & SOL Exodus), Codemasters (Leisure Suit Larry), Rocksteady Studios (Batman Arkham City), MumboJumbo (Midnight Mysteries), EA Sports (WSOP, US), Playtica (Facebook Bingo Games), Eyestorm (Clash of Clans).


I can keep rhythm.