Andrew Niederdorf

Andrew Niederdorf

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"I can guarantee you've never heard a Niederdorf"

My voice is unique because I am also unique. I'm confident you haven't run into or worked with a Niederdorf until now. I know this says describe your voice but if you're truly curious. Listen to my demo or go to my website


I'm a protégé of mentors such as Bob Bergen(Porky Pig "Looney Tunes Show"), Chris Rager(Hercule Satan "DragonBall"), Elley Ray Hennessey(Mistmane "My Little Pony"), Elaine Clark(Founder of Voice One), David Rosenthal(Founder of GVAA), Chuck Huber(Hei "Yu Yu Hakusho"), Sonny Strait (Krillin "DragonBall"), Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett "The Walking Dead") and many more.


My time in the industry and all of the classes and workshops are my experience.


I act, sing, scream, and, do minor video and audio editing.