Anders Neal

Anders Neal

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"Friendly voice with a confident and trustworthy sound"

Anders is a Copenhagen-based experienced voice-over talent, singer, musician and producer with a love for detail. He has been professionally working with his voice for over 15 years. He has a persuasive and warm voice with an excitable tone.

Anders can deliver most projects within 24-48 hours from his studio, but he is also available for longer projects.


Starting out as a singer and composer 15 years ago, Anders graduated from the Rytmisk Center Intensive Vocal line developing his versatile voice-skills. He did his first voice over job 11 years ago and has continuously worked in that field. Working with his voice is not only a professional accomplishment but also a passion. Being educated in 2003-2008 as a Master of Sciences in Engineering contributes to the level of detail in his work.


Recent clients include, Deloitte, Beat, Jack & Jones, Lightbooth and Doable

Currently singing and producing music under the artist name Anders Neal (


He can also provide sound design, singing, audio production and post-production.