Amrit Sandhu

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"Elegant, Economical & Effortless"

Hello, I'm Amrit Sandhu, The British Voice Artist. Born, bred, University educated in London, I've lived here all my life so you're getting a true British English authentic accent recorded in a professional sound proofed studio with BBC worthy broadcast quality equipment.

Giving businesses a voice has always been a passion of mine which I've been doing as a side hobby for years. Finally I decided to go full-time and I can confirm it is my dream job. I wake up each morning excited about what I'm doing because each day is different. Each script carefully tailored with the right delivery and performance that speaks directly to the end listener.

I understand how important it is to express your idea with clarity, passion and conviction. If you need a voice talent who can get to the heart of your message and make people listen, book my gig now.


I have trained with many high-level acting and voice-acting coaches, and continue to grow through voice over and acting courses.


I'm an established professional with over 5 years of recording experience providing voice over services worldwide. I've voiced recordings for Renault, Lloyds, Google, BMW + many more and have plenty of voice over experience.


- Study and apply your directions for the voice over
- Read and analyze your script to best determine the voice needed
- Add Background Music
- Time Sync Audio
- Add Special Effects
- Live Direction
- Fast Delivery