Amanda Terman

Amanda Terman

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"Authentic, Smart, Fun, Brave"

At my studio in The United States (specifically, Cleveland, Ohio), I collaborate with clients around the world producing audio for commercials, entertainment, and education.

My voice evokes the youthful gravitas and brave revolutionary spirit of a modern-day Joan of Arc . . . but I still maintain the cheeky wit for life's little battles, too.

As a Midwestern American, I can provide authentic accents including American Midwestern, Standard American, and neutral English (Mid-Atlantic/Trans-Atlantic).

Like many other voice artists, I'm a trained singer (B.A., Music), but unlike most others, I'm a published author of scientific research (M.A., Social Psychology) with university-level teaching experience in the fields of psychology, statistics, and research methods.

In my free time, I'm an award-winning creative writer: My one-act plays have been produced at theater festivals in New York City and across the country.

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Voiceover (Nancy Wolfson, Los Angeles)
Voiceover (David H. Lawrence XVII, Los Angeles)
Cold Reading (Margie Haber Studio, Los Angeles)
Commercial Technique (Killian McHugh, Los Angeles)
Accents/Dialects (Michael Morgan, UCSB)
Improvisation (Bill Steinkellner)
Singing (Benjamin Brecher)
M.A., Social Psychology (University of California Santa Barbara)
B.A., Music, summa cum laude with honors and research distinction (The Ohio State University)
B.S., Psychology, summa cum laude with honors and research distinction (The Ohio State University
Minor, Statistics (The Ohio State University)


My voice can be heard internationally in commercials, entertainment, and education. Past clients include Microsoft, Bayer, Lincoln Financial, and many more!


Singer (B.A., Music)
Researcher and Published Author (M.A., Social Psychology)
Teacher and Tutor (university-level psychology, statistics, research methods, and writing; TESOL certification)
Comfortable with difficult vocabulary and pronunciation
Trained in the International Phonetic Alphabet