Alexander Zayek

Alexander Zayek

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"I have a wide range that can suit any needs of your project"

My work is unique because I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make my client happy. Whether that be re-doing the entire voiceover, or asking for samples before recording to make sure I give the client exactly what they need. I've worked in this industry for three years now and have really started to come into my own when it comes to knowing what my voice can do and how best to utilize my voice to give exactly what they're looking for in each of their respective projects.


I learned my voice over skills from Garden Music School coaches, and also from the numerous voice over jobs I've already done both within the industry and through freelance work.


I've worked for YouTubers with over 200,000 subscribers that I met through the help of my agent. You can view his channel here:

Outside of that, I've had audiobook productions that were all casted through online work, and I recently tuned up my commercial demo in hopes of getting more serious gigs in the future.

You can also take a look at my fiverr profile here, with over 80+ satisfied clients:


I do not provide any special services in particular, other than mixing and mastering a good old fashioned voiceover.