Alex Mitts

Alex Mitts

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"Young adult American male voice for your next... well, anything!"

I have over 5 years of stage acting experience and 10+ years of audio engineering.
I record in my home studio in an isolated vocal booth.
I have completed projects such as fictional character work, explainer videos, commercials, and more!


My acting skills are taken directly from many years performing stage (live theatre).
My audio production skills have been crafted and honed for the better part of ten years.
Over the past year, I have been marrying those two skillsets to succeed in this competitive endeavor of providing voices for clients.


I have used various platforms such as Voquent and Voicebunny, but a lot of my jobs have been picked up independently through forums.
Some of my current works include SongByrd motion comic, MicroBiome science narration, and the YouTube series "Celebrity Net Worth."
I'm also creating explainer videos with narration for a signage company/app, "Boldcast.TV"


I do sing, and I'm a fairly high-reaching tenor! I also play guitar & produce music. I am also proficient in video editing as well as screencasting, and I have professional experience in the field of instructional design.