Adriana Pascual

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"The SPANISH voice talent! Fluent, Neutral, Real!"
Adriana Pascual

My SPANISH is the one you need for your production! Why? Because it is a UNIVERSAL Spanish - one that all Spanish speaking countries can identify with. One that does not alienate any particular customer nor client because it does not have an accent. It is neutral, generic, non-accented. So if you want to make sure to reach all Spanish speaking audiences - and not just Central Americans, Carrribean's, South Americans or Mexicans - make sure you chose a voice artist like myself!


American Academy of Dramatic Arts - NYC


With over 15 years of experience in the voice over industry, I have been blessed to have voiced commercials for giants like "McDonalds", "American Airlines", "CVS" and "Office Depot" just to name a few.


Post production with Izotope RX6 software.