Adam Behr

Adam Behr

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"Rich , distinctive , International, in 20 or more accents."

I am an Award-winning, voice talent, and would love to hear from you regarding voiceover projects, voiceover recordings, voice acting, messages on-hold , IVR or others.

I work in 20 or more dialects, so if you hear demos on my site, I can create a similar read in another accent, including North American. I invite you to visit my website, adambehr at the (dot) com so you can hear my samples, especially under trailer, commercial,narration,animation and you can hear either my US,International accent, Mid-Atlantic, British or many others.

I have my own top quality protools studio , and look forward to working with you - no matter where in the world you are contacting me from. I would be happy to do any voice auditions,voiceover jobs, voice acting, anytime .



BA (Dramatic Arts - Honours) WITS University, Johannesburg, South Africa

Majors: Production Design, Puppetry, Film and TV Production, Performing Arts Management

Diploma: (Corrective Make-up and Special Effects)The Beauty Workshop, Johannesburg

Puppetry Workshops: Gord Robertson, Frank Meschkuleit.

Voice Over Training:

Commercial /Narration : Nancy Wolfson- ( Los Angeles.

Trailer/Promo: Don La Fontaine, Marice Tobias, David Kaye

Animation VO:Cathy Weseluck, Pat Fraley (LA), Stevie Vallance (Tooned In), (Advanced Toon).

ADR: Michael Dobson/Rob Bakewell


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English language accents,South African, Midatlantic,American,Canadian,German, Austrian,Australian,turkish,African,Pan-African,east Indian,Asian,Japanese,Chinese, Spanish,European,British,Scottish,irish,haitian,French,Italian,Other European, Portuguese,Eastern European,caribbean,Jamaican,Arabic,Middle eastern, Israeli,East African,West African, North African, many more..