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Need Dallas voice actors? bodalgo features 34 professional voice over talents from Dallas. Receive relevant offers from Dallas voice actors in minutes thanks to our award-winning online casting.

If you are looking for voice actors from Dallas, you usually have a good reason why they have to be precisely from Dallas. Maybe you are looking for a distinct accent or dialect, perhaps it's your client's preference, or you simply have always worked with Dallas voice over talents and do not see any reason to change your habits. And that is totally fine, of course.

Looking for a voice actor from Dallas?

On bodalgo, you will find 34 voice over talents from Dallas. For commercials, explainer movies, product clips, presentations, IVRs … you name it! bodalgo's multiple award-winning online casting helps you to find the perfect voice talent for all of your productions. Try it out – bodalgo is always free of charge for you!

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Sometimes, however, producers limit themselves unintentionally because they overestimate the need for the voice actors to come from nearby. An example helps to get our point across:

It doesn't always have to be Dallas

Let's say you are looking for a Dallas voice over talent because you are based in Dallas yourself and would like to be present during the recording. This can be particularly helpful if the copy is complex, or you have concrete ideas about diction and direction. So you want to be able to intervene immediately during the recording if the production heads in the wrong direction.

But: To do so, does the voice actor (or you) really, really have to be physically present? Think about it: You would be sitting in the control room in a recording studio, talking to the talent in the booth over the talkback microphone.

And now you may have an idea of what we are getting at: What would be the difference if the voice actor was not in the booth one room down the floor but 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 miles away? Exactly: There wouldn't be any! You would hear everything precisely the way as if the voice talent were from Dallas doing their job in the booth next door.

This is made possible by remote directing tools like bodalgoCall (which is totally free to use, you do not even need to register to be able to use it), which allows you to connect to a voice actor's studio and direct the recording live. In your office, at home, basically everywhere in the world where you have internet access.

There are many other examples where the physical presence of a voice over talent is not really necessary. So next time you are looking for a voice actor from Dallas, for example, ask yourself: Does the voice actors really have to be on location? Or is a remote session an option, too? Maybe live direction is not needed at all, because you have already worked with that talent and trust in their ability to record the piece without guidance. Which saves you a lot of time, travel, and – at the end of the day – money.

Voice actors from Dallas

Below you will find a selection of Dallas voice actors. Please note that this is a random selection that is updated once an hour.

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