Rich Palmer

Rich Palmer

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"Sometimes warm and gentle; sometimes gruff and commanding"

Hello, my name's Rich. I am a fun-loving guy who often takes life too seriously and then laughs at it later. How can I help you tell your story? I have experience working as an information officer, an agency spokesperson, a curriculum developer, an educator, a government supervisor, a firefighter/paramedic, and a musician. I understand how to communicate in ways that engage your clients.

Your project is your story. You want it done right and done fast. You want your story to engage your audience. There are many people that can provide you with a professional outcome. That’s a no-brainer. You should also be able to enjoy the experience of getting there. It should be pleasant, conversational, easy, and even fun. Time is too valuable. I want you to have a successful experience. I want your clients to appreciate the success. I stand by my commitment to you.


I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Ball State University.
Additional voice training has been through:
- VO Heroes - Emeritus Member: including monthly coaching and workshops.
- ACX Masterclass - a one-month course taught by Dan O'Day and David H. Lawrence XVII
- The Accents Class - a one-month course taught by Jim Johnson and Dan O'Day
- I am a member of Gravy for the Brain, where I receive ongoing training through classes, workshops, and mentoring
- I am a member of Anne Ganguzza's VO Peeps network
- I am a member of the Audio Publishers Association
- I am a member of the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association
- I am an associate member of World-Voices Organization


I have enjoyed narrating books for Lantern Audio, including two works by independent author Bailey Bradford (narrating as Tony Desoto);
I have narrated and produced a number of audiobooks for independent authors through ACX;
A particularly enjoyable e-learning project that I completed was "Fire Safety for Healthcare Workers" for the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal;
Though I have a long career voicing narrations for government and non-profit organizations, I'm expanding my outreach to include commercial work and entertainment productions;
I've voiced commercials for many years in the broadcast environment and am eager to help clients with their commercial voices, as well.


I am a singer. I have performed in theater, in pop/rock bands, and in choral environments.
I edit and produce audio, with a background in commercial production, podcast editing and production, and music editing.
I have been a curriculum developer, a newspaper editor, and a media relations specialist.
I am well adapted to "voice of God" roles and have a long career of emceeing and announcing live events.