Jim O'Connor

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"Confident, Caring, Honest, Mature, Deep, Down-to-Earth, Present"


I am interested in doing commercials, corporate narration, medical narration, and E-learning. I also can do audio tours.
"Among the many compelling qualities Jim O’Connor brings to his voice acting, is his striking presence on the mic. His voice is nostalgic, familiar, generous and credible. He can portray a caring grandfather, sincere CEO, a well-worn friend, and rugged sage. Over the past two years that I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, he has been steadfast, dedicated, and passionate. A collaboration with Jim will take your project from good to exceptional, and I recommend that you experience what an amazing asset he will bring to your company." Sally Clawson, Owner, Voice One, San Francisco.

Jim is highly motivated, reliable, and easy to work with. Someone who eagerly takes directions, but who is also a self-starter who isn't afraid to make strong choices. His experience in medicine and education as a professor and educational leader, brings a unique background to the Voice Over profession that will serve you well.
Dr. Jim O'Connor's remarkable history as both a medical professional, educator, and educational administrator. His wide range of life activities include stage acting and television and radio commercials. His textured, mature voice will serve clients well, whether it be commercials, including political commercials, narration, especially medical narration, or memorable characters. Jim also does audio books, and E-learning. He received Voice Over coaching from numerous famous voice over actors like Jordan Reynolds, Jim Edgar, Sally Clawson, David Rosenthal and Julia Norton.


Bachelor's degree Biology and Chemistry
Master's Degree in Adult Counseling
PhD in Cognitive Science specializing in learning, instruction and cognition

Voice Over Courses and Instructors at VoiceOne, San Francisco, CA
“Narration Styles” Sally Clawson
“Home Recording” Jim Edgar
“Narration: Breaking It Down” Sally Clawson
“Commercial Styles” Sally Clawson
“Say Yes to Improv” Laura Derry
“Narration Simple” Pam Lorence
“Creating Characters” Sally Clawson
“Character Playbook” Sally Clawson
“Medical Narration” Julia Norton
“Building Your VO Business” Angeli Fitch
“Character Styles” Sally Clawson
“Narration Nuts and Bolts” Sally Clawson
“Characters in Action” Sally Clawson
“Demystifying Recording” Lisa Costello
“Commercial Confidence” Sally Clawson
“Personal Self Promotion” Sally Clawson
“Commercial Spontaneity” Sally Clawson
“Your Voice Print” Sally Clawson
“Corporate Narration” Cheryl Rosenthal
“The Modern Announcer” Gavin Hammon
“Turn it Up to 11” Melissa Hutchinson
“Commercial Meet and Read” Jordan Reynolds
“Narration Styles” Pam Lorence
“Branding: Making Your Mark” Celia Siegel
“Branding Your VO Website” Celia Siegel
“Source Connect” Jim Edgar
“E-Learning” Angeli Fitch
“Script Analysis” Sally Clawson
“Preparing for a Demo” Sally Clawson
“Post-Production Polishing” Jim Edgar
“Meet and Read” Angeli Bhimani
“In the Booth” X4 Sally Clawson
“Professional Invitational” Liz Atherton
“Pro Meet and Read” Keith Norton
“E-Learning” Angeli Fitch
“Be the Boss” Sally Clawson
“Audition is the Job” Calum Grant
“Basic British” Ian Price
“Using Twisted Wave Daw” Jim Edgar
“Corporate Narration” Anne Ganguzza
Bachelor of Science: Bowling Green State University: major biology, minor chemistry
Master of Science: University of Akron: major College and Community Counseling
PhD: University of Northern Colorado: major Cognitive Psychology, specializing in Learning, Instruction and Cognition

Sally Clawson: Voice One: https://sallyclawson.com/
Jim Edgar: Jim Edgar Voices: http://www.jimedgarvoices.com/
Jordan Reynolds: https://www.jordanreynolds.com/
Julia Norton: https://julianorton.com/voiceover/
David Rosenthal: https://www.davidrosenthalonline.com/

Musical Coach:

Valerie Sainte-Agathe: Nationally renowned music director:


Narration Video for Keller/Williams Luxury Homes

Outpost Studios, San Francisco, CA

Steiff Toys, Germany


AudioBook on Amazon: Before & After: A Life Interrupted by Spinal Cord Injury
by James Skouge, Sterling Krysler, et al.

Narration for several projects at Touro University Nevada and Touro University California

Television Commercial: Zeller's Fireplace Store

Radio Commercials: Touro University California

Stage Performance: "Taylor Mac's Holiday Sauce", Curran Theatre San Francisco

Medical Narration Demo produced by Jim Edgar and Julia Norton

Political Commercial Demo produced by David Rosenthal

Commercial Demo produced by Sally Clawson, Slate Run studio, Oakland, CA


Political Commercials
Medical Narration
Corporate Narration
I can do post-production editing.
I can sing jingles.
I can do impersonations of Sam Elliot and Howard Cossell.
Very strong in Medical Narration ( I have a medical background).
Memorable characters
Script design, and editing.
Live directed recording via Source Connect.