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  • Nicola Szostak

    Szostak, Nicola

    Natural and Conversation Voice with Warm Tones!
  • Kelly Monisse

    Monisse, Kelly

    The ultimate best friend voice: charming, quirky, conversational
  • Catherine Grant

    Grant, Catherine

    Bright, warm, engaging and conversational
  • Kate Roth

    Roth, Kate

    Witty, warm, vibrant voice, Kate will bring your project to life
  • Ayesha Tansey

    Tansey, Ayesha

    Youthful, friendly and expressive.
  • Wendy Maree Holt

    Holt, Wendy Maree

    Warm and Engaging with a lovely tone and smile.
  • Kahn Chen

    Chen, Kahn

    Warm - Intelligent - Playful - Soft - Intriguing - Youthful
  • Mel Hulm

    Hulm, Mel

    Australian. Female. 15+ yrs experience. Giving your project a voice.
  • Nano Nagle

    Nagle, Nano

    A versatile smooth, but cheerful kind of tone
  • Rhiannon Boulger

    Boulger, Rhiannon

    A clear voice that cuts through & fast turnaround.