Echo cancellation

Share the URL of this page. The other party should visit this page and click JOIN. Easy, isn't it?

Mail invitations

Registered users may share the access link to a session via mail. Comes in handy, especially when you need to invite a group of people.

If you have difficulties to get bodalgoCall to work, you will find tips how to solve common issues in this Troubleshooting Guide.

Use headphones to avoid echoing and audio feedback. You can also activate echo cancellation which will change the audio, though. Using headphones or headsets is the best way to use bodalgoCall.

If you use an audio interface, please make sure that your microphone is attached to input channel 1 or 2. Otherwise bodalgoCall will not be able to detect your microphone.

This blog post explains in detail how to record a remote party during a bodalgoCall session.

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