Drew Giles

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"All my life when people hear me they say"
Drew Giles

My work is unique as I have a wide range of inspirations growing up on Looney Tunes and still to this day, at the age of 36, having a great love of Anime. Video-Games have also been a large passion of mine since I was young. With a BFA in theatre I have been on stage many times so my skills as a stage actor are brushed up. Not only on stage acting but having been in front of the camera multiple times in tv & film shows acting in Co-Starring roles alongside actors like Noah Taylor from Game Of Thrones. My most unique quality though I feel is producing. I love creating my own projects. The last project I produced, wrote, and starred in is titled WolfMan In The City. As of now it is still in the editing phase being already filmed. I hired a cast/crew of over 70 people and have so far invested $30K of my own money into this project with intentions on pitching it to a popular streaming service. I have many amazing actors attached to this project including the amazing Bob Carter who is a known voice over artist having voiced characters in Dragon Ball(my favorite), Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and many many more. After graduating college Bob Carter was one of the first voice over workshops I attended which was over a decade ago.

Another highlight I can talk about is my willingness to learn as knowledge is truly infinite and there is always something new to learn from this Universe.


Life experience is the best teacher.


My biggest achievement so far is working for an International Organization called The Art Of Living being a full-time video producer and producing WolfMan In The City as I was able to bring together so many amazing people for a unforgettable wonderful experience.


I can sing as I hosted Karaoke in a popular bar in downtown atlanta for 2 years for 3 nights a week as karaoke was performed 7 nights a week at this location. I do post-production, pre-production and have done everything in between. There is literally not one job on a film set I have not done whether that be as a extra or stand-in for a hollywood blockbuster movie/TV show, actor, director, producer, writer, sound, PA, electrician, catering, etc..