Drew Giles

Drew Giles

Membro à 3 anos •
"All my life when people hear me they say"

What makes my work unique is my dedication to my work. I am a perfectionist and if it doesn't sound good to me it's not going to sound good to you, so I know what sounds good. I've worked in the entertainment industry for almost 2 decades and have done everything from acting on-camera to producing & writing my own projects. After spending time as a freelance videographer I am also accustomed to editing software such as Adobe Premiere and for Voice Overs Adobe Audition.


BFA in theatre from Valdosta State University


My biggest achievement is the last project I produced titled Wolfman In The City. It is a 5 part series. I wrote, produced, and starred in it. Hired a team of 70+ talented professionals. And so far have spent over $30K of my own money producing it.