Timothy Beeker

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"Friendly Believable Trustworthiness"
Timothy Beeker

My travels have taken me from Dayton, Ohio and Jett’s Creek Kentucky, where I spent my time growing up, to New Hampshire, Texas, Tucson, Arizona (the place I love most), Michigan, Toronto, The Philippines, Japan, Korea finally settling in Salem, Oregon. I've been around, so I've grown in cultural competence. This is one of my greatest assets as a voice-over talent.

I'm also a passionate person. My passion is evident in just about everything I do. In part, my passions flow from my education which includes a bachelor’s degree in communication, a master’s degree in psychology, and a master’s in adult education & training. Life-long learning is one of one passions. Helping others to be so is one of the highest goals in my life.

I don't let my passions, alone, control the gifts I bring. My knowledge and love of linguistics, wordplay, and polishing thoughts to give them their greatest luster and impact are what sets me apart, allowing me to bring confidence to my clients, by their seeing the competence in my artistry.


I've gained my training through 30+ years of customer service contacts, public speaking stints, and Such-A-Voice professional training


My biggest achievement, so far, is speaking in front of crowds of over 400 people, for motivational and inspirational guidance. Branching out into the Voice-Over field.


My special skills include knowledge of and practice in training theory, for e-learning and corporate training areas. Writing research papers for specialist consumption is also another special skill I have. Public speaking is one of my most passionate and favored skills. Working in successful collaborative efforts with producers and audio technicians is another skill I've grown.