Naomi Miller

Miembro desde 4 años
"Neutral Scottish accent, assured, engaging, hint of humour"

I have a great proficiency for accents and characters and love getting opportunities to use this skill! Please do check out my character reel for examples.
My natural Scottish accent is rounded and neutral, so is very accessible for non-Scots. I can however comfortably speak with a stronger accent if required.
One of my main strengths is my comic timing - I love to add a bit of humour where appropriate. On the other hand, my voice also lends itself to very professional, trustworthy tones.


Trained as an actor for stage/screen at Acting Coach Scotland and Identity School of Acting.
Voice over tutelage from Peter Warnock (Witcher 3) and Guy Michaels (Voiceover Kickstart).


World Remit Explainer - VB Productions
Pension App Explainer - The Hype Factory
Stars in the Stars: Juggernaut Expectant With Her First Ship - Xenonion
Sublocade / Subutex - Square Daisy
CoPilot - Aloft pro
World Remit Commercial - VB Productions
Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Shadow And Bone - Valnet
Screk Diplomats Asked To Keep Screaming Coming From Embassy To A Minimum - Xenonion
Templin Wormhole: Antares Diplomats Shocked To Find Cloister Envoy Actually Just Limestone Boulder - Xenonion
World Remit Commercial - VB Productions
Goobig Online Launch - The Animation Guys
10 Times Harry Potter Characters Stole Ron Weasley's Lines - Valnet
Stars In The Stars: Brain Slug Spotted Wearing Stunning New Species - Xenonion
Why Narration Is So Important In These Series - Valnet
Harry Potter Cast Struggles On Set Filming - Valnet
Templin Wormhole: The Latest Headlines From Antares - Xenonion
Harry Potter: How The Wand Chooses The Wizard - Valnet
Decipher - Cypherpunk Studio
World Remit Commercial - VB Productions
Good Morning Space: How Safe is the Toxic Kelp Diet - Xenonion
Huawei Honor Capture Wonder (dir. cut) - Robert Broadhurst / BIRTH
DwP DoJo Support - Fifth Frame
Xenonion Investigates - Xenonion
Stars in the Stars: Is This The Galaxy's Sexiest Corvette? - Xenonion
Mastery of Nature Muutagan Corp - Xenonion
Stars in the Stars: Is Mercedes Romero Pregnant? - Xenonion


Can sing and play piano to a competent level.