Naomi Miller

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"Neutral Scottish accent, assured, engaging, hint of humour"

I have a great proficiency for accents and characters and love getting opportunities to use this skill! Please do check out my character reel for examples.
My natural Scottish accent is rounded and neutral, so is very accessible for non-Scots. I can however comfortably speak with a stronger accent if required.
One of my main strengths is my comic timing - I love to add a bit of humour where appropriate. On the other hand, my voice also lends itself to very professional, trustworthy tones.


Trained as an actor for stage/screen at Acting Coach Scotland and Identity School of Acting.
Voice over tutelage from Peter Warnock (Witcher 3) and Guy Michaels (Voiceover Kickstart).


I have established myself as a trusted client for Xenonion - a parody news site set in the Stellaris universe. I frequently do various American accent character VOs for their videos.


Can sing and play piano to a competent level.