Elena Jiménez Alvarez

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Your International Natural & Versatile Voice in Mexican Spanish"

My name is Elena, and my passion is to help my clients connect with their Mexican, Latin American and Hispanic audiences with an honest and familiar voice.

My natural voice is friendly, spontaneous, and happy. My professional voice is warm, elegant, and versatile. I can use my voice in a variety of styles depending on the project, always keeping the audience at the heart of my work.

Whether you are looking for a Mexican voice to raise awareness, inform, reassure, entertain, increase conversions, explain a complicated concept, reach a broader audience or simply connect through social media with the Spanish-speaking world, I can help you.

My goal is to provide you with the most suitable voice for your project to make your message memorable and help you connect with your Spanish-speaking audience worldwide.


I'm a professionally trained Mexican Spanish Voiceover Artist. My training includes:

Course: Curso de Locución Integral [Integral Voiceover Course in Mexican Spanish]
Focusing on: Script Analysis, Text Decodification, Performance, Vocal Technique
VO Coach: Everardo Camacho
Duration: 28 hrs
Year: 2019

Course: Audiobook Narration Course
Focusing on: Audiobook Narration of Books in Spanish
VO Coach: Award-winning audiobook narrator Helen Lloyd
Duration: 6 months
Years: 2019-2020

Course: Voiceover Kickstart Course
Focusing on: Vocal Technique and Technical Skills for Voice Actors
VO Coach: Guy Michaels via Voiceover Kickstart Ltd Online Platform
Duration: 6 weeks
Year: 2019

Course: Introducción a la Locución Comercial [Introduction to Commercial Voiceover]
Focusing on: E-learning and Commercial Voiceovers
VO Coach: Simone Fogjiel
Duration: 3 months
Year: 2015


My biggest achievement so far is to have been selected as the voice for Google's International Smart Campaigns Ads in Spanish. My voice was selected for its naturalness and neutral Spanish accent which was important considering this was a global campaign for the Mexican and Latin American markets.

I've also had the honour to record voice overs for Apple's Retail Centre. My voice was selected for being conversational, warm, approachable, and clear.

My most recent VO projects include PSAs, Appeals, Corporate Videos, and IVRs in Mexican and neutral Spanish for different brands.


I'm also a qualified English to Spanish translator (graduated with Distinction from the University of Portsmouth) so I also offer Script Translation Services.

Additionally, I'm a Certified Yoga Teacher so I specialise in recording voice overs for the Wellness Industry with a focus on fitness apps, meditation and mindfulness books, yoga videos, online courses, and natural products ads.