Cindy Hughes

Cindy Hughes

Miembro desde 4 años
"Cindy offers a well modulated, smooth, sophisticated British RP."

Perfect for corporate and commercial work, Cindy delivers on message in a professional, direct and authoritative manner. She is also approachable, friendly and hard working, committed to providing the best service possible to her expanding list of clients worldwide.


I have been trained by the following:
2022: Voiceover Kickstart - membership & training - ongoing
MTV/Settelen Communications -
The Actors Centre - workshops with Lara Parmiani, Mel Churcher, Guy Michaels, Michael Hill - The Voice Hub
Voiceover Masterclass - Gary Terzza
Guy Michaels - Voiceover Kickstart 1 & 2, plus Corporate & Commercial demo


I began my voiceover career at MTV 1998 and VH1 2000.
I presented a daily live voiceover led show called 'VH1 Live'/'Your Moments'
I also voiced on-air packages, spotlights, indents, VH-1's Album Chart Show, 'Behind The Music' and 'The Rise And Rise of...' documentaries.

I took a break in 2006 to be a full time mum and returned to voiceovers in 2017.

Some clients to mention: Oxbox Ecoboard US, Fern, UK Spaceports, Scale Tech US, Splashscreen VideoExplainers and SEGRO plc, Book Buddy Media and WF Howes Ltd