Cindy Hughes

Cindy Hughes

Membro à 5 anos •
"RP: youthful, trustworthy with a light contemporary edge"

Hi, I’m a British female voiceover with a broadcast sound quality studio based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.


To keep things fresh I'm a member of Gravy For The Brain and Voiceover Kickstart ... I'm currently being coached by Samantha Boffin and am a regular participant on Wonderland VO and Boothchat

Acting 101 - The Mercury Theatre Colchester 2022
Ongoing: The Voiceover Kickstart
Ongoing: Gravy For The Brain
The Actors Centre London: various training sessions and workshops: with Lara Parmiani, Guy Michaels, The Voice Hub
Voiceover Masterclass: Continuity Announcing - Gary Terzza 2017
Mel Churcher - workshop and private 2017
MTV/Settelen Communications - TV presenter & Voiceover training - 2000


I began my voiceover journey at MTV 1998 and VH1 in 2000 and became the main go-to VoiceOver for the channel.
I presented a daily live voiceover led show 'Your Moments' and also voiced on-air packages, spotlights, competition spots, indents, VH-1's Album Chart Show and re-voiced the American documentaries Behind The Music' and 'The Rise And Rise of...'

Since then I've voiced for companies large and small .. some of them are listed here .... Deduce USA, Yellow Lamb (Radio Production), Viking FM, Stamford Sound, Nuvolo Connected Workspace, Oxbox US, Fern, UK Spaceports, Scale Tech US, Splashscreen Video Explainers, Book Buddy Media, WF Howes Ltd and Segro plc.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to work with you soon!


Voiceover (of course!)
Proof reading
Sight reading skills