christina-laia vlahos

christina-laia vlahos

Miembro desde 4 años •
"A soft, friendly, personal voice that turns words to stories."

I am an entertainment professional both behind and in front of the camera and know how to reach audiences in a variety of target groups. From weather broadcasting, to entertainment series, news, cartoons, commercials, web series and more. I am able to change my voice tone from sweet and friendly to strong and action oriented, to smooth and soothing to animated for adolescence. I have the ability to attracting audiences with an alluring style I can easily adapt to various clients.

I am familiar with offering the clients various versions of one take, and I work quickly and efficiently.


I have worked in entertainment for my entire career and began my career with MGM/UA. The film studio branch for Canada was based in Toronto where I worked. I then worked in Europe for a production company based in Athens, Greece where I had an abundance of voice over work for a variety of clients. I have worked both for large corportations and independantly with utmost professionalism. I am currently television host in Canada and have appeared on 3 major networks: The Weather Network, CBC and OMNI (Omni 1, ALberta & british Columbia).


I got my start at the world's oldest film studio, MGM/UA where I worked alongside Hollywood industry professionals & celebrities and got my training.

Later as a communications professional, I have worked with both traditional and non-traditional Canadian and international media.

As a published writer (novelist & freelance), I have experience writing content for diverse audiences, proof-reading and copy-editing.

I later created a partially scripted national television series for Canadian TV, OMNI 1, Alberta & British Columbia, and became an independent television producer and host. I currently host & produce, the TV series Star Foodies, in Canada which airs on OMNI (Omni 1, Alberta & british Columbia).

I am familiar with working with small and large teams as well as independently.

I am a native Canadian, with Canadian and EU Citizenship. I am an English native speaker, fluent in Greek and communications skills in Spanish.


I created the television format, Star Foodies and host, produce, and edit the show. I create content from script level to post -production fo social media to promote the show in forms of trailers, teasers and promo reels. I create content unrelated to the travel/food series for social media platforms like Youtube, IG & Tiktok which focus on the cosmetic industry ie : health and beauty, skincare, hair etc.