christina-laia vlahos

christina-laia vlahos

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"A soft, friendly, personal voice that turns words to stories."

I am an entertainment professional both behind and in front of the camera and know how to reach audiences in a variety of target groups. From weather broadcasting, to entertainment series, news, cartoons, commercials, web series and more. I am able to change my voice tone from sweet and friendly to strong and action oriented, to smooth and soothing to animated for adolescence. I have the ability to attracting audiences with an alluring style I can easily adapt to various clients.

I am familiar with offering the clients various versions of one take, and I work quickly and efficiently.


I have worked in entertainment for my entire career and began my career with MGM/UA. The film studio branch for Canada was based in Toronto where I worked. I then worked in Europe for a production company based in Athens, Greece where I had an abundance of voice over work for a variety of clients. I have worked both for large corportations and independantly with utmost professionalism. I am currently television host in Canada and appear on 3 major networks: The Weather Network, CBC and OMNI (Omni 1, ALberta & british Columbia).


I got my start at the world's oldest film studio, MGM/UA where I worked alongside Hollywood industry professionals & celebrities and got my training.

Later as a communications executive, I have worked with both traditional and non-traditional Canadian and international media.

As a published writer (novelist & freelance), I have experience writing content for diverse audiences, proof-reading and copy-editing.

I later created a partially scripted national television series for Canadian TV, OMNI 1, Alberta & British Columbia, and became an independent television producer and host. I am currently television host in Canada and appear on 3 major networks: The Weather Network, CBC and OMNI (Omni 1, Alberta & british Columbia).

I am familiar with working with small and large teams as well as independently.

I am a native Canadian, with Canadian and EU Citizenship. I am an English native speaker, fluent in Greek and communications skills in Spanish.


I am the weekend TV presenter on The Weather Network Canada. I make live appearances on the CBC (Canada's Broadcasting Corporation), presenting weather updates.
I write, host, produce and edit my Televisoin series, Star Foodies. The process goes from creating the show, writing it, casting all talent, filming, hosting, writing and completing the voiceovers, editing the show and preparing it for broadcast delivery.