Chloe Schwank

Chloe Schwank

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Warm, authentic, trustworthy, natural and educated"

Chloë is a professional actor and voiceover artist who has been working as a freelance voiceover artist for the last 3 years at sound studios around Sydney, as well as from her home studio. Her voice is especially suited to narration for corporate videos, online explainer videos and e-learning as well as voicing characters in, and narrating short films, IVR and commercials. She is also a native English and native German speaker, regularly working in Australian English, neutral English and in neutral German.


Chloë completed her acting training at Actors College of Theatre & Television (ACTT) in 2007 and subsequently worked with various Australian voiceovers, including Amy Longhurst and sound engineer Dave Stein in 2012 and 2013 to learn how to use her gift with language, sight reading skills and love of acting in voiceover work.


Chloë is currently the voice of the Amaysim Mobile customer service helpline in Australia. Her experience also includes narration for corporate videos, online explainer videos and e-learning modules for clients (incl. Westpac, World Bank Group, Salmat, Sprintnet, Genesys and Sydney University), radio commercials including one in character as a German beer wench for Loewenbrau (Eardrum) as well as narration and voice work for short films. She has also voiced the German version of an Australian CyberSafety mobile app for parents.


Chloë is a completely bilingual native English and native German speaker, having also completed her schooling (IB in Vienna in English and German) and university (LLB Law with German Law at Kings College London) in both languages before studying acting and voiceover. She is very comfortable with corporate and legal language. She has also translated two German plays into Australian English, Threesome Without Simone by Kristo Sagor, performed at ATYP and I’m Sorry Dad But I Have To by Laura Naumann, published in Europe in 2011.