Veronica Summer

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"Trilingual - warm and compelling voice - international accents"
Veronica Summer

HI, I am Veronica Summer. I am a professional singer and voice over talent, born in Canada and speak English, German and Swiss German. I lived and worked in Malaysia, the UK, the US, Hungary, Switzerland, and currently in the beautiful Alps of Austria. I have over 10 years of experience in the music and studio recording industry.


10 years of experience as a singer, 2 years of experience as a voice-over talent.


Advertisements: 200+ gigs (amongst others: Emmi, Edeka, Holiday Inn, Hadorn, Denny Blaine Real Estate, Amy Beauty, AustriaJuice)
Explanatory: 200+ gigs (Wolters Kluwer, Ecotherm, Royal Academy of Culinary Arts)
Travel: 100+ gigs (amongst others: Cultural Immersions, Zurich Trail, as-salt)
Podcasts: 10+ gigs (amongst others: The Reach for More Podcast, The Meditation Channel)
Meditation Albums: 1 produced and published Album (Finding Joy)
Fitness: 10+ gigs (amongst others: Fitness with Michelle)
YouTube: 100+ gigs (amongst others: whosaiditfirst)
Children: 10+ gigs (amongst others: Mina Yoga for Children, Kinderschachclub Schweiz)

As a singer:
2 produced LPs
Christmas Songs by Veronica Summer (2015)
Love me hard (2016)
1-year tour with Jave Jam


I am also a professional singer with 10 years of international experience in the Pop & Jazz industry.