Veronica Summer

Veronica Summer

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"Trilingual - warm and compelling voice - international accents"

Offering Voice Over Services in German (High German and German with Swiss Accent), English (American Accent), and Swiss German (Zurich Accent)

Veronica Summer, born in Vancouver B.C. (Canada) spending her teenage years in Switzerland, learned early on that every corner of the world can be a comfortable place to stay. Residing in 10 different countries over the span of 10 years, she divided her time between working in high-level management positions and pursuing a successful career as a singer and voice artist. Nevertheless, every traveler finds herself searching for a home base at some point – that’s how Veronica came to Tyrol, which offers, as she says, the best of all the places she has been to before, beautifully and comfortably combined.

Today she works as a professional voice artist for international companies from her studio in Innsbruck, Austria, writes her own songs, and is the CEO & Co-Founder of HESTIA Fashion.

You might occasionally find her singing at a big Schlager party. Her current focus in her singing career however is on songwriting and intimate gigs. 

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10 years of experience as a singer, 2 years of experience as a voice-over talent.


Advertisements: 1000+ gigs (amongst others: Emmi, Sodastream, Kodak, Edeka, Holiday Inn, Natapura, Octenisept, Porter Lights,, Hadorn, Denny Blaine Real Estate, Amy Beauty, AustriaJuice)
Explanatory: 200+ gigs (HSB Akademie, Aequivalent, JIRA, Kyburz, Wolters Kluwer, Ecotherm, Helsana, Sole Uno, Royal Academy of Culinary Arts)
Travel: 100+ gigs (amongst others: Cultural Immersions, Zurich Trail, as-salt)
Podcasts: 100+ gigs (amongst others: The Reach for More Podcast, The Meditation Channel)
Meditation Albums: 2 produced and published Album (Finding Joy)
Fitness: 10+ gigs (amongst others: Fitness with Michelle)
YouTube: 100+ gigs
Children: 100+ gigs (amongst others: Mina Yoga for Children, Kinderschachclub Schweiz, LittleAngels Singing Rhymes)

As a singer:
2 produced LPs
Christmas Songs by Veronica Summer (2015)
Love me hard (2016)
1-year tour with Jave Jam, Bergsound and The Swing Brothers


I am also a professional singer with 10 years of international experience in the Pop & Jazz industry.