Nicole Forup

Membro à 6 anos
"French Greek English voice"
Nicole Forup

French Greek native, teacher and copywriter.
Neutral English.
Started my carreer as a singer and TV presenter/producer, moved on to writer and columnist and voice artist.
I lived in Greece for many years, teach French and arts and moved to Denmark 6 years ago where I work as a teacher/journalist and copywriter.

My father was Greek, my mother was French and I went to International schools. I am one of these people that speak without accent, but this does not mean I cannot fake one.
I specialize in smooth, warm, feminine reads.
A hint of emotion, a dash of tenderness, a sprinkle of soothing and even sensuality if needed.

My niche is broadcasting ( I worked for the Eurovision contest and voice many commercials), web videos and elearning material ( Wides, Lego, and more) as well as internal usage videos for Novo Nordisk and Banedanmark. I proofread when asked and my expertise is Medical terms.

I am fast, efficient, reliable. I own a home studio and collaborate with one in town for big projects.


Diction and speech coach
5 years of vocal training ( singing)
2 years in the Theater.
Vocal positioning in elocution and teaching

5 years of piano and solfge.

Bowtech therapist


Novo Nordisk
National telephone company of Greece
10 mns solution

Numerous applications and Ivr menus


Copywriting, story boards, accents.
Erotic and sensual
Kid like