Nicole Forup

Nicole Forup

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"French /Bilingual voice"

Bilingual voice artist.
French (Parisian). Neutral English. Greek.

Former clients: Eurovision contest, Duolingo, Toyota, Ikea, Lego, Novonordisk, Leo Pharma, Bona, Heskins, Plus Plus and more.

Specialties: Commercials, Broadcasting, Radio, Internet.

Voice style: Smooth, sultry, nurturing, mother-like, young adult, adult, teenager, older woman, story telling, neutral narration, accented English (French or Latino/Greek), joyful, explanatory, eloquent, clear, soothing, friendly.


Diction and speech coach
5 years of vocal training ( singing)
2 years in the Theater.
Vocal positioning in elocution and teaching

5 years of piano and solfge.

Bowtech therapist


!5 years of voice acting in Greece and Denmark.
22 years singing.
4 years acting.

15 years writing and copy writing in all 3 languages for magazines. Author.

Teaching French ( accent, oral fluidity), English and voice acting for 20 and 10 years respectively.


Synching (I hire a studio in town that can also connect for direction)
Adult material
I can check the script and fix minor mistakes.