Mike McGonegal

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"A warm voice both compassionate and commanding ."
Mike McGonegal

Whether you realize it or not, all content that you publish – is a story. Some stories are meant to enlighten, others are meant to teach, and others are meant to simply sell a product or service. While both music and visuals can be used to tell a story, the human voice has been the bedrock of storytelling for thousands of years. Today, more than ever, having a voice that can tell your story effectively is of the utmost importance.

Let me help you make it easy.

I would be honored for the chance to collaborate with you on your next project. Please get in touch whenever needed and I'll do what I can to help you ABSOLUTELY FLOOR YOUR CLIENT!


12+ years full-time experience in voiceovers.

7+ years in an audio-only improv group (6+ years at the advanced level).

Have taken classes with: Scott Parkin, Will Lyman, Marice Tobias, Marc Graue, Pat Fraley, Toby Tarnow, Mary Lynn Wissner, and many others.


Clients Include:

Burger King
Johnson & Johnson
Bank of America
Philips Corporation
John Deere
Eli Lilly
MAW Telecom
Thermo Fisher Scientific
and many more


-Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
-40+ years as a musician (piano, trombone, voice)
-35+ years experience in sound reinforcement
-35+ years experience as a 'shade tree' mechanic
-20+ years of desktop/software support in the IT industry
-Toastmasters Member
-Character Voices