Mike McGonegal

Mike McGonegal

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"All the colors of the vocal gamut."

No headaches. hassles, or heartaches - ever!

Delivery of professional and high-quality audio from my... Okay, let's cut the overly effusive hyperbole. Virtually every VO on this platform is going to don their best MBA hat in an effort to come up with an impressive tale filled with keywords as to why you should hire them.

So, since you've read all of it numerous times before, just imagine that I've written the same self-serving dross and let's move on.

Simply put - for all the window dressings, voice-over is, at it's heart - a customer service industry. It's our job as actors to provide you, the seeker, with a read of your script that honors your intent and audience. The service part comes in when we do it right the first time, in a timely fashion, and amiably. From having had over 20 years of pre-vo experience in customer service positions; whether they be in telco, IT (desktop and server) support, or software support for mission-critical applications; and 14 years of full-time voice-over experience, I get it. Believe me, I do!

If you've gotten this far; you may be wondering why you should hire me, what makes me a better fit for your project than others, what's my USP? Honestly? My USP is the same as every other voice actors USP: my background and my life experiences. That's what it all boils down to in the end:

How our life experiences color our read of your copy.

If you'd like to work together, or just have me provide you with a free partial audition of your copy, please feel free to reach out and I'll happily do my best.

Now though, as I've been terribly remiss in keyword stuffing...
Bryan Cranston, Jason Momoa, Sam Elliot, Mike Rowe, warm, kind, fatherly, sultry, commanding, conversational, funny, friendly, sincere, happy, authoritative, contemporary, dark chocolate, light chocolate, white chocolate, melted chocolate, powerful, subtle.


13+ years full-time experience in voiceovers.

8+ years in an audio-only improv group (7+ years at the advanced level).

Have taken classes with LA-based coaches: Scott Parkin, Will Lyman, Marice Tobias, Marc Graue, Pat Fraley, Toby Tarnow, Mary Lynn Wissner, and many others.


Clients Include:

Mercedes Benz
Burger King
Johnson & Johnson
Bank of America
Philips Corporation
John Deere
Eli Lilly
MAW Telecom
Thermo Fisher Scientific
and many more

Non-vo background:
-Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
-40+ years as a musician (piano, trombone, voice)
-35+ years experience in sound reinforcement
-35+ years experience as a 'shade tree' mechanic
-20+ years of desktop/software support in the IT industry
-Toastmasters Member
-Character Voices


ADR editing
Dubbing editing
Bedding of voice track in music
Syncing to picture
Post production