Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

Membro à 2 anos
"Your Storyteller Voice"

Characters for animation, cartoon or gaming are my forte, where unique sounds are needed. I have developed a range of voice styles to match a brief, honed by over 30 years voicing audio productions in Ireland and then in the Czech Republic. Trained in radio and a trainer of presenting the voice on air, I have sculpted a go-to voice for any occasion. I relish the live overdub, or the intense audiobook or the layering of one character upon another. I've committed hundreds of hours of voice over to first tape, now digital disk, having learned the trade from 1993 in Dublin radio. Since then I have done all manner of voice work for companies in Europe.


From starting in live radio work in Dublin, Ireland. I was a presenter, a producer, a voice-over for others, and a trainer for college graduates in preparing their voice for live radio. This came from a love of old radio comedians of a bygone era from The Goons, Jonathan Winters, Richard Pryor and the Monty Python records I grew up with. I started shouting into a cassette recorder aged 14 and haven't stopped since. Training followed in a broadcasting degree, then English language training as a teacher, then to learning-on-the-job as each voice-over job gives you more confidence for the next.


Writing and recording my own audio dramas for the last 30 years of which have been broadcast on Irish radio. Delivering branded English voice-over for the Czech state broadcaster in its exhibitions across the world. Voicing the English cartoons of Czech Television for DVD.


I record and deliver pristine audio which comes from engineering deep sound design on my audio dramas and editing others' audio for commercial output as a sound producer.