Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

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"A Storyteller"

I've a love of voice artistry. I've been recording since I was a teenager, honing as I go.

Clients select me for my warm and welcoming voice, a soft lilt of Irishness, a bit of playfulness, and a smidgeon of strength too.

My voice is a natural unaccented friendly voice for the 'English neutral' fan. I edit with attention to sonic detail. I enjoy creating and providing characters for animation.

I trained in radio in Dublin in the 1990s, and was a trainer of presenting the voice on air.

I've been booked by companies in Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Ukraine, and Germany.


I was into old radio comedians of a bygone era, listening with chin on fists to vinyl from The Goons, Jonathan Winters, Richard Pryor and Monty Python and mimicking back at the speakers.

I began recording myself shouting into a cassette recorder aged 14. That was fun, so then used two taperecorders for dubbing.

I started working in live radio work in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 - I was a presenter, a producer, and a voice-over for others, then a trainer for college graduates in preparing their voice for live radio.

Theoretical training followed with a broadcasting degree, then actual English language training as a professional teacher.


I write and record my own audio drama for the last 30 years.

Delivered branded English voice-over for the Czech state broadcaster in its exhibitions across the world.

Voiced English dubbing of cartoons of Czech Television for DVD.

Provided documentary voiceovers, dubbing, and narration to Ukrainian foundations.

Have done many a commercial for local companies here in Prague.


I record a lot of different vocal styles for my own audio projects, and deliver great audio in rapid turnaround

I mix deep sound design on my audio dramas and editing others' audio for commercial output as a sound producer.

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