Kevin Schweitzer

Membro à 2 anos
"Natural friendly baritone sound"
Kevin Schweitzer

I love falling into "character" voices whenever I can, but am easily persuaded to drift into friendly/goofy or authoritative pitches depending on the role.
This works well with commercial or narration scripts if it's calling for more of an "adult" feel.
My over all range hasn't been completely tested yet, but I feel old to younger adult, to funny older/elderly is where I see myself currently.


Kim Hurdon: Casting/ Training
LB Acting Studio
Great Big Voices
Voice Works: Mike Kirby
Ron Rubin: Voice Actor Training
Cindy Tanas: Acting Studio


I am currently a new to this field and haven't been tested with actual "work" as of yet. But I am always willing to attempt anything that my voice may be suited for. I am also easily directed and take notes from others very seriously, especially if the work has to be very specific.


I do have some sound editing experience so my work should be heard through post production ears. It may not be perfect, but at least in the end it would sound cleaner than if nothing had been done in the first place.