Kevin Schweitzer

Kevin Schweitzer

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"Natural friendly baritone sound"

I love falling into "character" voices whenever I can, but am easily persuaded to drift into friendly/goofy or authoritative pitches depending on the role.

This works well with commercial or narration scripts if it's calling for more of an "adult" feel.

My resume includes E-Learning, IVR Phone Messaging, Narration's, Explainer Video's and Commercial's and Character's


Kim Hurdon: Casting/ Training
LB Acting Studio
Great Big Voices
Voice Works: Mike Kirby
Ron Rubin: Voice Actor Training
Cindy Tanas: Acting Studio


I take direction easily and am always looking for what specifically a client is looking for.
In the past I have worked on character driven Narrations as well as IVR's, where in both cases my clients were quite pleased at the dedication and work I put into each of their projects. They were also very happy that I went above and beyond (multiple takes) to produce for them a product that pleased them the most.


I do have sound editing experience so my work should be heard through post production ears.

If preferred I don't have issues with giving "dry reads" if a client wishes. But all of my finished work is edited to maximize the quality amd standards of any finished product.