Eric Hollaway

Membro à 4 anos •
"I Speak, Therefore I Am"
Eric Hollaway

You've already heard my deep, smooth, commanding, and authoritative voice on TV, online, and on the radio. You've heard its ominous, jazzy, resonate, articulate, and sometimes gritty voice in video-games, and even at the airport. If there's one thing I've learned from a consensus of clients, it's that they've found value in my vocal and acting skills and abilities. If I can do that for Mercedes Benz and others, imagine what I'll do for you. Listen to my demos and hear for yourself.

The voice of


Robin Armstrong: Los Angeles (
As a kid I would often play with my voice, imitating cartoons, animals and people. Little did I know then that I was developing the uncanny range that I have now.


A short list of Brands and companies I've represented are listed here:
-Gordon State College
-United Way
-Mercedes Benz
-Nutrex Supplements
-LC Technologies
-Alliance MMA
-Delta Airlines
-Access Systems
-Rumbo Mobile
-Standard Pump
-Bergs Potter
-The Now Network
-BlueDiamond Pumps
-Ironfire Brewing Company
-Trent Allen Premium Products
-Vale Esperar
-Carbon TV


Other skills include:
-post production
-graphic design