Eric Hollaway

Eric Hollaway

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"I Speak, Therefore I Am"

You've already heard my deep, smooth, commanding, and authoritative voice on TV, online, and on the radio. You've heard its ominous, jazzy, resonate, articulate, and sometimes gritty voice in video-games, and even at the airport. If there's one thing I've learned from a consensus of clients, it's that they've found value in my vocal and acting skills and abilities. If I can do that for Mercedes Benz and others, imagine what I'll do for you. Listen to my demos and hear for yourself.

The voice of


Robin Armstrong: Los Angeles (
As a kid I would often play with my voice, imitating cartoons, animals and people. Little did I know then that I was developing the uncanny range that I have now.


A short list of Brands and companies I've represented are listed here:
-Gordon State College
-United Way
-Mercedes Benz
-Nutrex Supplements
-LC Technologies
-Alliance MMA
-Delta Airlines
-Access Systems
-Rumbo Mobile
-Standard Pump
-Bergs Potter
-The Now Network
-BlueDiamond Pumps
-Ironfire Brewing Company
-Trent Allen Premium Products
-Vale Esperar
-Carbon TV


Other skills include:
-post production
-graphic design